Coffee is a commodity that affects a lot of people. Every person that touches a bean is affected in some way.

We are 100% Organic. This means that the farms our coffees come from do their part to make sure the coffee plants are not subjected to harmful pesticides or chemical treatments. We also buy Fair trade certified coffee when available. It ensures that the farmers are getting price for there hard work.

We are huge supporters of Cafe Femenino. Being the first retailer in Canada to buy a bag of Cafe Femenino coffee in 2004, we have been close with the project from the beginning. The program helps women who work at coffee farms become educated about business and personal growth.

We believe that giving back to something that gives so much is important. That’s why we try our best to complete the circle of giving that we are a part of. Both locally and globally, we do our best to make sure that we give back in our day to day lives. Grab-A-Java actively takes part in the Adopt-A-Block program. To learn more, please visit them here.

Every year, Grab-A-Java donates a portion of Cafe Femenino bean sales to the Women’s Resource Society of the Fraser Valley. Find out more about what they do here.

Cafe Femenino