Fresh Coffee


Located on 7th Avenue and James Street, the Grab-a-Java café has been Mission, BC’s coffee shop since 1994. At the café, you will find friendly baristas, great drip coffee, an array of espresso drinks, gelato, and house-baked muffins and scones. You can also find your take-home bags of coffee—roasted right here in Mission.


Roasting is a fascinating craft. Many small decisions go into making a cup of coffee “just right.” At the Grab-a-Java Roasterie in Mission, BC, green coffee beans from around the world are burnished by time and temperature in a Diedrich coffee roaster until the perfect flavour profile is achieved.  

Drop by the Grab-a-Java Roasterie, located on Murray Street, to see the art of the roasting process in action or have a delicious cup of coffee from a V60 pourover and enjoy the patio. Coffee doesn’t get any fresher than this.

For a list of our current coffee offerings, click here.

West Coast Express

Grab-a-Java coffee is available on the West Coast Express morning trains from Mission to Waterfront Station, as well as on the Waterfront Station platform in the afternoons. In addition to drip coffees, lattes and the like, you can also buy baked goods and bags of coffee to take home. Have you ever tried a pourover? Let the baristas at Waterfront Station show you how it’s done, and sample one of our latest offerings!